Re: Modifications Only Round 4 2022

PRiMA Esports:

We saw that there’s a mistake about the ELO of #759 SOE_LaFerrAhri
We asked for him the same ELO as #732 SOE_Juju but i think you gave him the ELO of #144 PRiMA_Juju34.
It’s not the same person and the level is definitely different.

So we confirm that it’s the same ELO as #732 SOE_Juju
Thx a lot.

OK Done ELO 1248

Re: Modifications Only Round 4 2022

Hey. Can we make a couple ELO adjustments for ZFS. As some of our new drivers have been ranked incorrectly.

Can I change 748/ZFS_Deejay and 749/ZFS_JJto be benched against myself 717/ZFS_ArbieG? OK Done ELO 1196 and 1195

Can I also add 1 more driver?

771/ZFS_Rabid/ZFS/GBR - Saturday Driver - Equivalent level = 715/lewisnmotorsport OK Done
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