GTfusiOn Round 5 Regulations

GTfusiOn GT7 Team World Championship 2022 ROUND 5

Radical SR3 SL’13- Tyres: SPORTS Hard , SPORTS Medium
Balance of Performance :OFF
POWER 288 BHP ( 293CV) - WEIGHT 775 kg
Tuning : YES
Mechanical damages: Heavy.

OCTOBER 21th, 22th and 23th 2022
(Standard date of the race: Saturday,September 17th)

Maximum number of entrants per team: 20.

[IMPORTANT] Specific rules round 5

It is very important to follow these rules to avoid bugs and lags as much as possible
1 – The Host will open the lobby at the scheduled time. Drivers will go to the track to warm up. When all the drivers are in the lobby he will close it and open a new one for the race. Very important not to clean his cache. Temporary files make it possible to have a smoother movement of cars on track. The host can ( not mandatory) open a new lobby after each race.

2- When the race lobby is open, drivers must stay off the track and wait for the “GO” for the HOST qualification. If you go to the track you will not have enough fuel to finish your qualifying laps.

3- It is strictly forbidden to press the start button and exit to return to the pits during qualification. You will create lags. If you want to change the tire for the race, you have to do it normally while riding on the track. If press start to return to pit the driver recieved 20 points penalty

4- When you have finished your qualifying laps you must stay on track, go to sector 1, get to the side of the track and wait.

5- It strictly prohibits "streamer" on board during the race. If a driver broacast he will recieved 20 points penalty

6- No restart will be accepted.

7- No messages in the chat will be allowed during the race.

8- The “broacaster” and their commentator will have to go to the track with a car before qualifying begins. And exit before race start. Because if they do not go on track the host will not know how to start the race because it will put the ".... some players are still initialising" [CE-9003B6]

9- We ask all drivers to save their replay and make the screen shot of the results. This is very important in case of complaint because the views of each driver are different in case of contact. Pilots may also not see each other.

5- To change the ELO we will take the time achieved in race 1.
On request and on request only , a driver may ask to take race 2, 3 or 4 into account. To do this, he must send a message with Screenshot result made by himself to El-Loco. if it is not the driver screenshot, the request will not be processed.
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Rules 2022 Click here

Lobby Timetable:

FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Qualifying (Free Race): 9:15pm ; Race 1 start: 9:30pm
SUNDAY Qualifying (Free Race): 7:15pm ; Race 1 start: 7:30pm

FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Qualifying (Free Race): 7:15pm ; Race 1 start: 7:30pm
SUNDAY Qualifying (Free Race): 5:15pm ; Race 1 start: 5:30pm

Qualifications : 1 exit lap then depending on the qualification laps or 1 lap at the most everyone needs to stop and stay on the track. /! \. /!\

Race 1: 15 laps ( Q 2 Laps)
Race 2: 15 laps ( Q 1 Laps)

Pause 10 min

Race 3: 15 laps ( Q 1 Laps)
Race 4: 15 laps ( Q 1 Laps)

Event and Regulation Settings:

(For those responsible for the lounge: please remember to set these parameters.)


- - Time Start: Race 1, 2 , 3 , 4 :
- Preset Wheather : Dry, Pleasant with a few clouds SO1
- Variable time speed : x6
- Egual condition mode : OFF
- Grid Order: Race 1,2, 3, 4 - Fastest First.
- Starting grid: Grid Start with False Start Check
- Boost : OFF
- Slipstream Strength : REAL
- Visible Damage : OFF
- Mechanical Damage: HEAVY.
-Tyre Wear : X17
- Fuel Depletion: X9
- Initial Fuel : Default
-refueling speed : X3/sec
- Grip Red on Wet Track/Track Edge : REAL
- Race Finish Delay : 180 sec
- Overtaking System Usage Time Multiplier : Default
- Balance of performances : BOP OFF
- Tyre Type : Sports
- Useble Tyres : (Hard , Medium)
-Required Tyres : (Hard, Medium)
- Tuning : ON
- Nitro : NONE
- Ghosting during Race : NONE
- Shortcut Penalty : OFF
-Pit Lane Line Cut Penalty: ON
- Wall Collision Penalty : NONE
- Slide Contact Penalty : OFF
- Correct Vehicle Course After Wall Collision : OFF
- Replace Car When they Leave the Track : OFF
- Flag Rules : ON
- Ghost Lapped Cars : OFF
- Countersteering Assistance : PROHIBITED
- Active Stability Management ( ASM) : PROHIBITED
- Driving Line Assist : PROHIBITED
- Traction Control : NO LIMIT
- Auto-Drive : PROHIBITED


- Qualif 1 : Time Limit : 1 Exit lap + 2 Fast Laps
- Qualif 2 : Time Limit : 1 Exit lap + 1 Fast Lap( Hotlap)
- Qualif 3 : Time Limit : 1 Exit lap + 1 Fast Lap( Hotlap)
- Qualif 4 : Time Limit : 1 Exit lap + 1 Fast Lap( Hotlap)

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