Re: Round 1 Modifications Only

modification request for TX3

group B

45/ TX3_Stefounzy / FRA / TX3 dont able to drive, OK DONE - 20 Points

possibility to change with 31 /TX3_Marcolah / GER / TX3 ?
they have the same level. thanks ( Not same ELO , Marcolah is ELO Group D :( )

For info :
TX3_Marcolah TX3 GER 1276,02
TX3_MxSteve14 TX3 BEL 1289,88
TX3_DANIEL TX3 BRA 1282,76
TX3_Aura TX3 GER 1291,38
TX3_Stefounzy  TX3 FRA 1288,76

Re: Round 1 Modifications Only

Hola que tal buenos tardes para modificar estos Pilotos para el día Sábado por favor

181/GTMX-Layalac/GTMX /MEX (OK Done)
750/GTMX-KETZALCOATL /GTMX/MEX ( No Sorry no more place in group T ! max 14 per lounge and they are 15 )

gracias por su atención


Re: Round 1 Modifications Only

Good evening,
I made a mistake when registering a new driver of the team.
EPRT_SHAYNE is actually EPRT_PsyKoZ
If you can make the change please.
I apologize for this error
Thanks you


Re: Round 1 Modifications Only


My pilot BSR_RIPA001 will be absent for this first round, in view of the events happening at the moment.
I am really sorry .
The BSR team wishes you a good day, and courage to all of you in this period of confinement.


OK Done - 20 points

Re: Round 1 Modifications Only

Hello everybody,

HCTEAM has 2 modification for this weekend:

217 / AeS_Craterkill / AeS / FRA would like to race Saturday instead of Friday if room left in some lobby OK DONE

1001 / AeS_Simonsen / AeS / FRA unfortuantely he will be absent OK DONE - 20 points team


Re: Round 1 Modifications Only

Désinscription de 967 / MaZx_Cyrus / TWR / FRA qui ne participe pas de la saison. Désolé. OK Done - 20 points
Et si c'est possible de placer 966 / MaZx_Venum_/ TWR / FRA dans un groupe du samedi au lieu de vendredi ça serait top. Merci. too late sorry
Bonne course à tous.

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