GTfusiOn Rules 2021

GTfusiOn 2021 Rules

Gran Turismo SPORT [PS4-PS5]

2021 Regulations GTfusiOn

– Contents –

1. General
I. Regulations adhering
II. Organisation
III. 2021 GTfusiOn Calendar

2. Registering conditions
I. General
II. Teams registering
III. Teams composition
IV. Drivers registering

3. Rounds development
I. Preparation
II. Outset
III. Races validation
IV. Results

4. Race procedures
I. Organized start procedure
II. Track limits

5. Points awarding
I. Drivers
II. Teams and Nations

6. Complaints
I. Terms
II. Sanctions

7. Online code of conduct

8. Team Managers role

9. Lounge chief role

10. Conclusion

2021 Regulations GTfusion

1. General

I. Regulations adhering

Every team and every driver wishing to take part in the championship organized by GTfusiOn on Gran Turismo Sport commits to read and accept these rules. GTfusiOn, on their side, commits to apply it all season long.

The official language is English, as a consequence it is requested that in every message, visible by everyone registered on the forum/social network, this language is used besides the native language of the author.

II. Organisation

The GTfusiOn staff is composed of:

TGTF_Benny : Honorary President and Public Relation
El-Loco13 : for press articles, broacast and partner relations
Tadaoki : for everything linked broadcast , video and logo
KRT_pioSko : consultant, data processing specialist
Scugnizzo : Partner team relationship
Telly ( thechenleitner ): Communities manager and external communication ( Spanish)
THG-R13HIE : Communities manager
GTWGP_Willzone : For posters and photos
GTBE-Schettura : for everything related to the rankings.
GTBE-El-Loco : For ELO ranking
TWR_Seb-72 : For lobby management and collect results
THG_TS040 : Translations and communication
GTBE-Dima534 : Official Photographer

GTfusiOn 2021 Staff Organization

You can contact us on the forum (be careful, you must be registered) or messenger ... 1151937174

III. 2021 GTfusiOn Calendar
The 2021 edition will take place on 6 rounds from March to November 2021 with a break on July and August, along with special events. In some circumstances, dates may be modified. In this case, new dates will be set depending of availability of entrant teams in the best possible conditions.

GTfusiOn Calendar 2021

IV. GTfusiOn Social Networks

Site :
Facebook :
Instagram :
Twitter :
Youtube :

2. Registering conditions

I. General

GTfusiOn is open to all international virtual team playing GRAN TURISMO Sport under reserve of validation by the staff.

GTfusiOn wishes to have a panel of teams and drivers which puts FAIRPLAY before anything else.

As a result, before any team registering, a briefing will be organized with officials of the concerned team and eventual on-track tests may be held with several of their drivers.

Thoughts of the teams already participating may also be asked.

Any driver wishing to take part commits to respect the online code of conduct.

-It is strictly forbidden to stream races and this not to weaken internet connections and cause lags
-but the drivers will be able to broadcast their replay later
-It is strictly forbidden to use on his car a brand directly competing with the major sponsor of the event
- A GTfusiOn stickers must be visible on the car, these are available on the profile of Tadaoki : ... allery/all
- Each team will have to use a similar livery, a differentiation of the pilot will be allowed: ex Flag of the country
-Each team will have to present Chief Lounge (host) related to the number of registered drivers
If the team does not present chief Lounge manager, the registration will not be validated.
-When registering new drivers who have never participated in GTfusion 2018, 2019,2020, the team manager must indicate the level equivalent to a known driver. If no equivalence is given, the pilot will be refused registration.

II. Teams registering

Before registering of any new team, the request will have to be done on the forum here:

After examination and under the rules exposed above, a staff member will advise one of the officials of the team, either by e-mail or on the forum, if it has been accepted or not to enter GTfusion.

Exceptionally, a driver without team will be able to take part with a permission from the staff (wild card entry)

Registering is open for the whole season except for the last round of the championship.

III. Teams composition

Each team must name:
-2 Team managers (main and reserve)
-A list of drivers capable of being lounge chief to race in the best possible conditions (see lounge chief role)
-Register at least 5 drivers for the races of Saturday evening and these drivers must come to the races they are registered for (except for an important reason)
-Each team may enter a minimum of 5 and maximum of 20 drivers per round
-Each team will have to present a chief Lounge (host) per 5 drivers registered.

Exemple :
12 pilots registered = 2 chief lounge
15 pilots registerd = 3 chief lounge

If the team does not present chief Lounge manager, the registration will not be validated.

IV. Drivers registering

Drivers registering, run by Team Managers, will be done for each championship round and each special event, with the available form, on the forum or directly on the event’s webpage.

Each driver will be handed a registering number that he will keep all season long. This number will have to be given to the staff for each registering to a round or for a complaint.

Each driver registered and who didn’t informed the staff of his absence before the start of the first race where he is registered, will be considered as missing and he will not be allowed to participate in the next round.

after the publication of the groups, each driver who does not show up will cause his team to lose 20 points. Whatever the reason.

we recommend to team managers that only register drivers who are sure to participate.

The new drivers will be evaluated by their Team Manager (with the help of staff) for their "ranking ELO" basis. Minimum 980 points, Maximum 1300 points. ELO will only take into account the time of the first qualification. Depending on the time achieved compared to other drivers, the ELO will evolve.
In the event of non-attendance at qualifying, the driver must provide via the "share" button his best time in the race. If the fastest time in the race is not provided, the driver will not be ranked.

-When registering new drivers who have never participated in GTfusiOn, the team manager must indicate the level equivalent to a known driver. If no equivalence is given, the pilot will be refused registration.

3. Rounds development

I. Preparation

The official day of racing for each round is Saturday except for the first 3 groups.
Group A,B,C will compete on Sunday
Drivers who can't enter on Saturday can compete and enter the Friday races accepting to earn less points in view of the smaller coefficients for these races.

Groups will be formed depending of the following criteria:

- The pilots’ level in the ELO ranking
- The total number of drivers per lounge will be up to 15
- The race will be in “friends only” room.

Every driver need send a friend request on his PSN account (Playstation 4) from one of the GTfusiOn chief lounge, depending of his group.

Each round will be comprised of 4 races, 2 short (Race 1 and Race 3) and 2 long (Race 2 and Race 4). Exact terms vary depending of the track and the car, these will be announced in the unveiling of each round.

Lounge chiefs will be appointed to manage the evening, setting the parameters of the lounge, start the races, organize the restarts, save the replays and results. Lounge chiefs may be drivers entering the race, or present members of the staff.

II. Outset

Each driver will have to join his lounge 10 minutes before the start of the qualifying session. Qualifying will last 15 minutes before the start of race 1 which will be started automatically after these 15 minutes (automatic start procedure).

Someone arriving after the qualifying has started, he will not be able to participate in race 1 . He will start the next race at the back of the field. If he is not automatically starting ( Order by host) at the back of the field, he must let all drivers pass as soon as possible and with a lot of caution so as to not disturb the start.

III. Races validation

Races will be deemed valid only if:
- The grid order is correct (see organized start procedure) and a minimum of 5 drivers completed the race

IV. Results

Lounge chiefs will have to take a picture of the post-race results screen after each race. The classification is not enough, so it is asked to also provide the total time of each driver. It is also required that lounge chiefs save the replays of all 4 races.

Lounge chiefs must, as soon as the end of the last race, send the results to his team manager or GTfusiOn Staff.

A number of points for each race will be awarded to each driver, team and nation according of the layout of 5 - Points awarding

Publishing of classifications will be provisional until made official by the staff after looking at eventual race facts and sanctions.

4. Race procedures

I. Organized start procedure

In case of a wrong starting grid or a big accident at the start or the first corner, lounge chiefs can give the order to restart. Only 1 time per race and only if more then 2 drivers are involved .
-The lobby manager will change the starting order " defined by host".
-He will put the pilots in the right order.

II. Track limits

Track limits will be generally:
The rule is simple, you must have at least 2 wheels inside the white line, this line being part of the track, the wheels can touch it (see the following images)

- - In corners

Corners are delimited by the kerbs and not by the white lines. On a classic kerb, the 2 inside wheels must touch the track.
At any moment, no contact with walls, guardrails...will be acceptable.

Depending of tracks, exceptions may be made. It will be communicated on the forum and identified with IN & OUT.

5. Points awarding

I. Drivers

Each driver will be awarded a number of points after each race, depending of his result according to the following table:

Points Scales GTfusiOn 2021

Each group will have a specific multiplier coefficient depending of the day and the global level.

- There are a subcategory : Ladies' in post #3 you will find the specific regulations.

More info Ladies' Cup


- A 0,10 gap between each saturday group Friday will have the lowest coefficient

example of coefficient team

-There are 2 subcategories: PRO and AM
When registering the team for the round if the ELO average of the top 5 drivers is equal to or greater than 1240 ELO points, the team will be classified in the PRO subcategory.
if the average of the ELO of the top 5 drivers is less than 1240 ELO points, the team will be classified in the AM subcategory.

Entry list with ELO example
More examples on the next page Click here


- For pilot ranking they are no coefficient but a 10 points difficulty bonus per group

example of Bonus pilot
- no bonus will be granted for Friday groups.

Only the best 3 results out of the 4 races are counting (to not penalize drivers who had connection troubles or a race incident).
Only the 5 best results out of the 6 rounds of the championship will count in the general classification Pilots.

IV. Teams and Nations

For each round, only the 5 best drivers of each team or nation count for the teams and nations classifications. Teams will score points only if at least 5 of their drivers take part in the races held .

Every round counts for the team and nation general classification.

- A driver who scored points for a team in a season will not have the right marked points for other teams in the same season and he will not be allowed to continue.
- If a team abandon the championship but the drivers want to continue and they present a team manager , if the staff agrees they will be able to continue and recover the points scored.

6. Complaints

I. Terms

The staff considers that a race went correctly if no complaints are made. As a consequence, no viewing will be done and no sanction will be given after the race if there are no complaints, except for infringements noticed directly by staff members if he is a spectator in the room or watching the live broadcast of the race.

- Only Team Managers can file a complaint, representing their drivers
- Only complaints that can be illustrated by a replay of the race of the driver will be deemed receivable
- Every complaint judged abusive can be penalized (-20 Points Team )

After registering of the complaint and viewing the replay, a collegial decision will be taken within the staff and potential sanctions will be taken.

We recommend each driver to record his own replays to be able to defend himself if needed.

II. Sanctions

List of possible penalties:

- time penalty given according to the seriousness of the incident and race circumstances (+10, +20, +30 seconds added to the total race time of a driver)
- Reverse final position.
- being moved down the finishing order if a time penalty is not significant - reduction of the multiplier coefficient
- disqualification from the race, the round or even the season (if troubles happen several times).
- if the same team receives several consecutive serious penalties, the whole team will be penalized .

7. Online code of conduct

Introduction: Car racing is a contactless sport !

1. Every contact with elements of the track as walls and guardrails (wall surfing) are strictly prohibited.
2. Any unusually agressive conduct is banned.
3. Contacts and collisions must be avoided at all costs.
4. In case of a late braking before a corner, the driver must do everything possible to avoid a collision with those in front of him - even if it implies that he spins himself out of the track.
5. To defend your position, you can only change your line one time (change line and revert to your initial line).
6. After an off-track excursion, you can only return after making sure you are not in the way of another competitor, even if you have to let pass the whole field.
7. When leaving the pits, you must respect the pit exit line. If another driver is in a qualifying lap, let him pass.
8. Cutting chicanes or any other part of the track is stricly forbidden.
9. Drivers being lapped must let pass the faster drivers. It is forbidden to block the leaders of the race. However, drivers who are 1 or several laps down, if they are faster, can pass all the drivers in front of them in the classification in order to reduce the gap.
10. Battling drivers being lapped must make sure they are not in the way of faster drivers before making a pass.
11. It is stricly forbidden to try to pass in a place where it is nearly impossible to be side by side without endangering the others.
12. It is recommended to use the side mirrors to know where other drivers are heading. Those playing with a pad must watch out even more.
13. Driver desist of the race... In pit lane. Rages quits are not accepted
14. All disrespectful or offensive behaviour against one or several drivers or staff members will be subject of a sanction which can go up to exclusion.
15. If a pilot causes a damage to another he must accompany his victim to the stand
16. if a pilot hit and push an other to pass , he MUST wait and give back position.
If he don't wait , he Will be disqualified and not allowed to race next round !

Common sense rules

- Let pass drivers that seem faster than you, they can also make a mistake later.
- Don’t change your line continuously on a straight line to not give your slipstream, this will irritate your pursuers and they may do the same to you.
- Don’t force your way on the inside of a corner or a chicane, but take advantage of your position to be faster on the corner and pass on the exit.
- After succeeding a pass with the slipstream, don’t cut back in front abruply to then brake for a corner, surprised by the manoeuver your opponent may ram you unintentionally. Keep your line before braking.
-The ultimate rule, do not do to someone else what you would not like to be done to you.

A proper pass means getting into the peripheral vision of the driver ahead, BEFORE the turn-in. When lead driver turns in, the passing attempt is now in a blind spot. The Vortex Of Danger. That hole you think you see is closing rapidly, it's not gonna work, it's too late. A dive bomb. Stay out of the Vortex Of Danger, a triangle incribed by the turn-in point of the corner, the inside edge across from it, and the normal apex ahead and inside. This knowledge will save many crashes and Steward's meetings and angry feelings. Race smart!

8.Team Managers role

The main role of a Team Manager is to be the interface between GTfusiOn and the drivers from his team.

- Team Managers are responsible for the good conduct of their drivers.
- They will announce the races on their respective forum/Page/Group.
- They will register the entrants from their forum/Group and transmit it to the GTfusiOn staff
- They will give their drivers list to the staff .
- Once the groups are formed, they will annouce it to their drivers by publishing it on their forum/Group/Page
- They will inform about the schedules of the races
- They will make sure that their drivers are joining the right groups on race day
- They will share the results on their forum or page
- Only Team Managers are authorized to file a complaint for their drivers to the GTfusiOn staff
- This complaint will need to be clear (concerned drivers, which race, lap number, situation, argumentation and replay) so the staff can have an objective view of the situation and take the suited sanctions.

Finally, a constructive review of the evening progress with comments from the drivers is requested in order to improve things than can and should be improved.

They can also take part in the first part of the debriefing meeting taking place after each round of the championship or special event.

In case of bad relations between the staff and the Team Manager(s) from a team, the staff has the right to ask the officials of the team to replace the concerned Team Manager(s). In case of repeated breach of the above rules, the staff may exclude a team from the competition. However it’s drivers can carry on in the competition thanks to a wild car granted by the staff.

Communication of registerings on the forum:

When communicating the registering, the following format must be respected:

Registering number / exact PSN ID / Team / Country
List of country IOC Code : ... ntry_codes

27 / GTBE-Schettura / GTBE / BEL

if the pilot has never participated, his competition number will be provided by the staff. But the team manager must give his level equivalence to a driver known to GTfusiOn

9. Lounge chief role

Lounge chiefs are responsible for their lounge and are here to make sure the evening is unfolding as well as possible. They have authority in a lounge. Only a GTfusiOn staff member present in the lounge has authority on him.

They have to:
- Check the settings (driving aids, damages, number of laps, restrictions...):
- Start the qualifying and the races according to the timetable
- Help the drivers to join the room if necessary
- Look after the good progress of the races
- Order a restart if necessary
- Establish the restart
- Take a picture of the results of each race and Qualify (Important if we have not Qualif 1 Time pilots will be not ranked)
- Save the replay
- Communicate the races results

Communication of results on Social Network:

The lounge chief must transmit it as soon as possible, at the end of the evening and/or during the evening pictures to Messenger or PSN Tchat to TWR-SEB-72 or Staff member.

Lounge chiefs should be respected but aren’t tyrants. They have to be firm when deciding but stay respectful of the drivers and fair. They have to treat everyone the same way.

Of course drivers owe respect to the lounge chief.

10. Conclusion

The staff reserves a decisionnary right in case of a exceptional situation not planned in this rulebook. The eventual decisions will be taken after consultation of the whole staff in the more appropriate way possible for the drivers and teams.

In all cases, the staff's decision shall be final and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into.

We wish a good season to everyone !

Link to download regulations 2021 :

Re: GTfusiOn Rules 2021

GTfusiOn 2021 Ranking Team subcategories

There are 2 sub-categories: PRO and AM
When registering the team for the round if the ELO average of the top 5 drivers is equal to or greater than 1240 ELO points, the team will be classified in the PRO subcategory.
if the average of the ELO of the top 5 drivers is less than 1240 ELO points, the team will be classified in the AM subcategory.


Overall Result Round Team Result

Subcategories Ranking Team

Re: GTfusiOn Rules 2021


Ladies' Cup 2021 Specific Rules

-Following the recommendation of the STORM Racing Esport team, in 2021 a Ladies' Cup will be created to designate the best of them.
-They will be classified in the general drivers championship, but will also have a subcategory.
-They will race in the groups following their ELO.

-Women will not be counted in the maximum number of drivers allowed per Round and per Team (20) . The teams that will register Ladies' so as to have more pilots.
-The team manager must specify that it is a lady at the time of registration and must be done as follows :

-The ladies will be able to use a livery on the car different from that of their team mate with particular colors.
-They will also have to affix the mandatory GTfusiOn logo and will not be able to affix decals of a competing brand to our major sponsor.

-The points they will score for the Ladies subcategory will be those of the pilots.
-The points they score will count towards the team classification.

-The classification will only be validated if a minimum of 5 ladies have participated and are classified over the season
-As the pilots only the 5 best round results out of 6 will count for the final classification

-If the GTfusiOn staff members have any doubts about the identity and whether it is a Lady who is piloting, proof may be requested.
This proof could be a video or a party invitation to pass a "test track".
Any attempt at cheating will be penalized by a ban from the competition

Good luck Ladies' and happy to count with you in GTfusiOn 2021
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