Summer Endurance Catalunya July 31 2022


GTfusiOn GT 7 Summer Endurance 4heures de Catalunya/Barcelona

Ferrari 458 GT3 13' [Gr.3] - Race Tires S, M, H
Balance of Performance [EDP] Off:
POWER 613 BHP / 622 hp - WEIGHT 1258 Kg
Tuning: Allowed.
Mechanical damage: Heavy.

31 July 2022

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Grand Prix Layout [Spain]

Warm up : 13h30 (mandatory for connection compatibility)
Qualifying : 14h00 '15min (Free Race)
Start of the Race : 14:15

Race: 4 hours

Event parameters and rules:

(For show managers: don't forget to set these parameters)

Training / Endurance races
Circuit : Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya GP
Time limit: 4 hours

Weather selection method: Predefined: S03 Dry, cloudy and pleasant
Equal conditions mode: No
Time of day: Afternoon
Variable time period rate: X1

Start type: Launched
Starting order: Fastest first
BOP/Preparation prohibited: No
Tuning: No restrictions
Boost: None
Suction force: Realistic
Visible damage: Yes
Mechanical damage: High
Tyre wear: X6
Fuel consumption: X3
Refuelling speed: 10 Litres/Sec
Initial fuel: 100 litres
Off-road grip reduction: Realistic
Time to end of race: 180 sec
Nitro/Time multiplier: default

Category: Gr.3
PP limit: No restrictions
Max. power: 613 BHP / 622 cv
Minimum weight: 1258 Kg
Type of tyres: Racing
Usable: All
Required : H, M, S
Nitro: Cannot be fitted
Kart: No

Shortcut penalty: Strong
Collision (wall): Severe
Adjusted trajectory : No
Collision (car) : Yes
Pit cut: Enabled
Transparency : Disabled
Flags regulation : Yes

Counter-steering assistance : Prohibited
GSA : Prohibited
Trajectory assistant : Prohibited
Traction control: No restrictions
ABS: No restrictions
Automatic driving: Not allowed

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