Re: Modifications Only Round 1 2023

1UP by EXP

68/ Max-super-Max79 / EXP / ITA ok done ( ex maxepico)
430/ WAR1972 / EXP / ITA ELO/1250
426/ AMV_Carmix993 / EXP / ITA ELO/1235
428/ KRAZYDAD_ / EXP / ITA ELO/1175

429/ xSkid91/ EXP / ITA ELO/1220
431/ Stedex95 / EXP / ITA ELO/1225

OK Done

OneUP_Red92* as host not OneUP_Andrea_RD Need 2 host , who's second host for your team ?

Re: Modifications Only Round 1 2023

In addition to changing the name of the player DRP_Adi to RM_Adi, I would like to ask you to change the elo points of the player
389/RM_Luckus/RM/POL to 1015. Thank you very much. OK done now 1015

Btw, Damian Pawełka and Bartek Zietal, are from my team, and I told them not to communicate directly but only by me.

Re: Modifications Only Round 1 2023


I noticed that my driver 127 / BigosPL81 / ATR / POL is host again… I didnt placed him as host for following round. I told you last year that his internet connection is weak and choosing him as a host is a mistake. As I can see I placed four other drivers as a hosts. Remove 127 / BigosPL81 / ATR / POL from hosts list and chose other driver from ATR list. Thank You

OK Done
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